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"There is a reason the church keeps their altars high on a hill, and their books deep underground"

About The Story

"The Church of Deepstone claims the power of the Monoliths is spiritual; The Mages Consortium claims it is mystical - both are right, both are wrong."

The Stonesinger Chronicles is an Epic Fantasy Fiction Podcast. It tells a complex narrative augmented by a sweeping musical score and beautiful sound design.

Whisper is a  thief who’d rather read than steal; Talee is an absent minded orphan with an uncanny memory and a penchant for making trouble; Eyfre is their teacher - a powerful mage, and a person of mysterious intents. This trio is setting out to Iro with Talee and Whisper set to become students. But first they must survive. Join our trio and a cast of fascinating characters in this sprawling epic and richly imagined world.

If you are looking for an epic fantasy podcast, a dark fantasy podcast, or just a simple audio story to keep you enthralled from beginning to end, The Stonesinger Chronicles is for you.


How to Listen

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“This epic fantasy is beautiful. The way the exposition is delivered is seamless and delightful for the lore-focused listener -”

- Khgrenac - iTunes Review

About the Creator

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Adam Ganong is a trained audio engineer and wears all the hats on The Stonesinger Chronicles.

That's right, he writes, produces, records, scores, sound designs, and does everything else on the show.

He lives in New Brunswick, Canada


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Show Art by Peter BArtel

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